Title III

Our Goal:

It is the intent of Guymon School District that every student who has a primary home language other than English and who is identified as limited English proficient (LEP) be provided with the opportunity to participate in the English Language Learner (ELL) program.

The goal of ELL instruction shall not be to replace or to negate the students' primary home language. Rather, the ELL program shall strive to enable LEP students to become competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the English language. Instruction shall emphasize the acquisition and mastery of English to enable LEP students to participate fully in the benefits of public education.


Guymon's ELL Brochure:



Contact information:

Julie Edenborough
Director of Title III
(580) 338-4340 ext. 272

Robin Oblander
Guymon High School
(580) 338-4350

Pam Halliburton
Guymon High School
(580) 338-4350

Kim Lively
Guymon High School
(580) 338-4350

Aubrey Falkner
Central Junior High
(580) 338-4360

Christy Smith
North Park Elementary
(580) 338-4390

Maribel Gutierrez
Academy Elementary
(580) 338-4370

Kaycee Keenan
Academy C Elementary
(580) 338-4370

Gayla Mull
Homer Long Elementary
(580) 338-4380

Kelsi Peterson
Northeast Elementary
(580) 338-4380

Mary Forinash
Salyer Elementary
(580) 338-0420

Debbie Sanders
Prairie Elementary 
(580) 338-0420