Parent Advisory Council


Parental Involvement: 

Parental Involvement is an integral part of all Title I programs, including the Migrant Education Program (MEP). The MEP supports parental involvement to more effectively help migrant children experience academic success. Migrant Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) empower parents to be advocates for their children and supporters of the programs that provide services. Migrant parents are critical stakeholders in the program’s success.

Migrant PAC Membership: 

Migrant PAC membership should consist of primarily migrant parents or the guardians of eligible migrant children. The PAC can also include district personnel who represent the interests of migrant parents. Members can be selected in the following ways: election, volunteering, nomination and /or appointment. The PAC should consist of no less than 5 members.

Function of a Migrant PAC:

1. To advise the school on concerns of migrant parents that relate to the planning, operation, and evaluation of the MEP;
2. To provide input and to assist in establishing effective programs to improve student academic achievement and school performance; and
3. To provide suggestions/ideas regarding the effectiveness and improvement of the school’s MEP.

Goals of a Migrant PAC:

The goals of the Migrant PAC are to:
1. To provide parents with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective advocate for their child.
2. To provide parents the opportunities to have a voice in the MEP.
3. To provide parents the opportunities to provide support to school programs.

Parent Advisory Coucil (PAC) Bylaws