Definition of a migratory child:

A migratory child is a child who is, or whose parent, spouse, or guardian is, a migratory agricultural worker or migratory fisher, and who, in the preceding 36 months, has moved from one school district to another, to obtain or accompany such parent, spouse, or guardian, in order to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing work as a principal means of livelihood.
Federal Register, Part VII, July 3, 1995

Guymon Migrant Education Program (MEP) Mission:

Our mission is to identify and support migrant youth to meet high academic challenges while overcoming barriers created by mobility and a migratory lifestyle.

Guymon MEP Values:

1. Obsess over kids.
2.Be innovative and help kids change our world.
3.Let passion and belief drive what we do.
4.Do what’s right.
5.Believe in our own potential.
6.Have a whole lot of fun!