September 2012

HS Stuco-Hat Day’s, Carnival for a Cure, Bandy Bar Sales, Powder Puff Football, Mix It
up Volleyball, and Spirit Shirts-Mrs. Reynolds

Homer Long, Northeast, Academy C-Tiger T-shirts-Mrs. Watson

North Park Title I-Hat Day, Drawing for a Gift Card, Pork loin sales, and T-Shirts-Mrs.
Dodgion and Mrs. Moore

JH Volleyball-Coed Volleyball Tournament, Spirit Socks, and T-shirts-Mrs. Hough

FCCLA-FCCLA Shirts, Penny War, Valentines Sales, and World Finest Chocolate-
Mrs. Brune

Art Club-T-shirts, coffee sales, Art work sales, Sell chip, veggie, olive oil and soup
mixes, and IPod permits-Mrs. Patterson

Academy, Northeast and Homer Long Libraries-Popcorn, pencils, erasers, note pads, and
bookmarks-Mrs Harris

JH FCCLA-The World’s Fines Chocolate-Mrs. Dawson

French Club-T-shirts and French Candy-Madame Quesenbury

JH HALO-Little Caesar’s pizza kits, Christmas dance, Traveling bake Sale, Community
garage sale-Mrs. Jesko

JH TSA-Flash Drives lanyards and bracelets-Mr. Wilczek

Prairie, Carrier and Salyer-T-Shirt, School Store, Hat Days, Christmas store, Boxtops for
Education, and Recycle ink cartridges-Mrs. Aubrey.

HS HALO-Mexican Candy, Halloween Dance, Ghostly Greetings, Christmas
Candygrahms, Valentines Dance, Dream Dates, Car wash, Kiss the Seniors goodbye-
Mrs. Avalos