Dear GJH Families,

The month of March is upon us.  March will be busy month, mostly due to preparing for mandated state testing.  All students will test in reading/language arts, math, and science for 8th grade only.  Testing dates are April 5 – 12. 

We have prepared the students for these exams by giving pre and post-test, common formative assessments, and checking for understanding daily.   Your students will be prepared to feel familiar and comfortable with the test format this year.  We have been immersed in a culture of data-driven decision-making for quite some time. We are comfortable and familiar with it. We use the student achievement data to drive modifications and enhancements to our curriculum and classroom lessons. We use data to help us identify common strengths and conceptual gaps with our kids and then we address what we analyze.  We are compelled to help kids do their best. These exams tell an academic tale that helps us to isolate strength and weaknesses as areas of focus.

So, we need your help to do our best to help your kids do their best. Send your son or daughter to school rested, comfortable, and confident. We’ll take it from there during the school day. We have your students’ best interests at heart.  Trust us to do what we do best.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent / teacher conferences are March 13 & 14 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  We would love to see each and every one of you here.  We are here for your questions or concerns and believe you are true partners in your child’s education.

Please engage in a conversation with the teachers about the most important topic: your child. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • How is my child doing socially and emotionally?
  • In what areas does my child need improvement?
  • Is my child performing at grade level?
  • Is my child doing his/her best?
  • Does my child need extra help in any areas?  If so, what can we do to provide that extra help?

Spring Break

The middle of the month will bring a much needed break. Spring Break will begin March 15 and continue through March 17. Spring Break is a time to relax and rest; because once we come back it will be a sprint to the end.

Superintendent’s and Principal’s Honor Roll

We had over 200 students on the superintendent’s or principal’s honor roll.  Thanks to PTCI, all of these students were rewarded with a T-shirt.


It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to notify the school when the student is absent. It’s easy! Just call the school at 580-338-4360 before 10:00 am on the day of the absence. Help us, help you keep an eye on your children


Thank you for your trust and support,

Mrs. Winters, principal 

mrs winters

Mrs. Claudia Winters, GJHS Principal