Class of 2020

Welcome to the Class of 2020! 

Class of 2020

Tips for Sophomore Year! 
-Begin studying for ACT
-Take the ACT or ACT Plan
-Start looking for scholarships 
-Take challenging classes
-Advance your vocabulary 
-Stay organized throughout the year
-Plan out your high school career
-Get involved with clubs and organizations
-Give back to your community
-Start looking into possible universities or colleges
-Consider applying to summer camps or academies 
-Decide if you're interested in taking concurrent college classes your junior year 

Oklahoma Panhandle State University Concurrent Enrollment (2017)
-All students must have taken the National ACT to participate in the program.
-An English and Reading sub-score of 19 is required before registering in Freshman English
-A Math sub-score of 19 is required before registering in College Algebra.

-A Reading sub-score of 19 is required for 1000 & 2000 level collegiate courses. 

Must have completed sophomore year AND have taken the ACT.
-Option 1: Minimum composite ACT score of 23.
-Option 2: GPA of 3.5 on 4.0 scale AND an ACT score of 19 is required in the area where study will be pursued.

-3 Hours (1 Class)-$116 + Books and Fees
-6 Hours (2 Classes)-$215 + Books and Fees
-9 Hours (3 Classes)-$776 + Books and Fees

 Information: or contact Dana Martin (