Mr. Jimmy Acevedo
Alternative Academy Director

1. Why was Alternative Academy established? 

GAA was established primarily as a credit recovery school. Students that fall behind on their credits are given the opportunity to catch them up or even graduate. 

2. What are your goals for the Academy? 

-Promote community involvement

-Provide an opportunity for credit recovery and graduation

-Encourage a lifestyle of academic progress 

3. How can students get into Alternative Academy? 

Students and their parents must follow an application process that includes an interview and review by a group of educators that make recommendations for alternative placement. 

4. What do the students learn? 

Students learn valuable life skills, motivation and gain an opportunity to redirect their lives in a positive way. They are offered credit recovery through our computer base of curriculum in addition to regular classes and are eligible to participate in all Guymon High School activities. 

5. Any special activities the students have during the year? 

Guymon Alternative Academy promotes volunteerism and community investment from all the students. We help with several community entities to allow students to gain respect and recognition for positive choices. 

-Loaves and Fishes

-Panhandle Nutrition Center

-Guymon Elementary Schools