2931 Course number Credit: 1 unit

Grade level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Member of band previous year or director’s permission

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Tiger Band forms an integral part of life at Guymon High School and is recognized as an all-school activity. The band is an organization with a rich tradition of excellence that has brought recognition to our school and community. The band is one of the most colorful and active groups in the school. The student must be eligible according to the OSSAA and policies of the Guymon School System.   


2932 Course number Credit: 1 unit
Grade level: 10-12 Only Prerequisite: Must have been in High School Band for ONE YEAR, Student must be enrolled in regular band as well (Second Hour)

 Students are required to Audition for Five State Honor Band, participate in a Solo or and ensemble at the District Level, and State Level if they qualify, and take one 30 minute private lesson once a week, in addition to the requirements of regular band.