50 Year Old Time Capsule Opened January 19, 2017

The laying of the time capsule for the next fifty years took place at Carrier Elementary, on January 30, 2017.  The time capsule that was taken from behind the Masonic stone, located on the southwest corner, on January 19th had to be pried open because it was soldered shut fifty years earlier.  It was apparent we would have to build a new capsule so that it would be able to hold the time capsule from 1966 and the new one from  2016. 
Loire Aubrey, Principal at Carrier, took the copper box to Guymon Heating and Air to see if anything could be done with it.  They took the box and used it to form a new one that would house both years’ treasures for the future.  Mickey Roberts was at Guymon Sheet Metal and Plumbing when the first box was built by Jack Braley in 1966.  He was a student apprentice at the time.  Mickey built the new box using the contents of the old at the same business where he worked fifty years earlier, now Guymon Heating and Air owned by Rocky Moore.
Carrier Elementary and the Masonic Lodge of Guymon would like to thank both Roberts and Moore for being part of this project to preserve this history for the next fifty years.

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