Great Job At State!
 Swim Team

Welcome to Guymon 2016-2017 Swim Team

2017 Swim Team

Credit: Laura Williams Photography



What is your favorite thing about swim?

"The feeling of adrenaline I get before every race." 

What is the funniest thing that has happened in swim?

"When my relay was behind the blocks at Rose State and the girl that was timing was making us laugh so hard."


What is your favorite thing about swim?

"The trips"

Funniest thing that has happened in swim?
"All of us trying  to laugh with a straight face."

What did you gain form being involved in swim?
"A family and being in shape."

Jump in and make a splash, with the 

2015-2016 Swim Team!

About Us:

Guymon High School Swim Team was established in the year 2013. The team competes in the 5A high school division. The 2013-2014 season was the first season that Guymon competed as a high school swim team. Out of thirteen team members, nine went on to compete at state, five girls and four boys. The girls placed 9th and the boys placed 19th. 

2016-2017 State Results:
Girls placed 9th in medley relay (Mercedes, Ryanne, Sarah, Nichole)
Sarah - 3rd in the 200 free, 2nd in the 100 free
Ryanne - 6th in the breast, 13th in the 50 free
9th in the 200 free relay (Nicole, Mercedes, Ryanne, Sarah)
16th in the 400 free relay (Mary, Bethany, Mattie, Alex)
Boys 7th in the medley relay (Kaleb, Dylan, Aaron, Bryar)
Dylan - 4th in fly, and 2nd in breast
Aaron 11th in fly
Kaleb - 15th in 200 free, 14th in 500 free
Sean - 16th in 500 free
Adam - 13th in breast
6th place in 400 free relay (Dylan, Kaleb, Bryar, Aaron) 

2015-2016 State Results:
 Team Ranking - Through Events 22
Guymon High School Swim Team Girls received 11th place with 97 points
Guymon High School Swim Team Boys received 10th place with 80 points

2014-2015 State Results:
Girls Results
Medley Relay- 1st Place REGIONAL CHAMPIONS! Aly Freeland (back), Kaelyn Carter (breast), Sarah Fowler (fly), Ryanne Landes (free)

200 Free Relay- 2nd  Kaelyn Carter, Ryanne Landes, Aly Freeland, Sarah Fowler
100 Free- Sarah Fowler - 2nd
500 Free- Sarah Fowler - 2nd
200 IM- Aly Freeland - 5th
50 Free- Kaelyn Carter - 6th, Ryanne Landes - 15th
100 Back- Aly Freeland - 4th
100 Breast- Kaelyn Carter - 1st Place REGIONAL CHAMPION!

Boys Results

Medley Relay- 5th Kaleb Brown (back), Dylan Kemp (breast), Aaron Huckins (fly), Cristian Gonzalez (free)
200 Free Relay- 4th Cristian Gonzalez, Kaleb Brown, Aaron Huckins, Dylan Kemp
50 Free- Cristian Gonzalez - 9th
100 Fly- Dylan Kemp - 4th, Aaron Huckins - 9th
100 Free- Cristian Gonzalez - 9th
500 Free- Kaleb Brown - 7th
100 Breast- Dylan Kemp - 4th
Team Results
Guymon Girls - 6th

Guymon Boys - 6th


Hope Kemp, Head Coach


Greg Landes, Assistant Coach