Salyer Elementary would like to recognize their Go-Getter students. 

Salyer Go-Getters is an award that is given monthly to students for good attendance, responsible citizenship and homework completed.

Thank you to our business partners for sponsoring Salyer Go-Getters:

Rotary International
Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation

February 2018

Go-Getter Awards

Adalyn Perez
Edlyn Luis-Gutierrez
Nevaeh Hernandez
Haymam Loon
Sidney Gaines
Juan Lux


Three students from Salyer also received 100 Accelerated Reader points and they have received the bronze medal of honor and are looking forward to the 100's Club pizza party at the end of the year.  They are Abriel Triado Martinez, Marky Villarreal, and Juan Lux-Muz. Each student that made 100 percent on their AR tests were able to put their names in a drawing for a large stuffed animal. February's winner is Abril Triado Martinez.



January 2018

Go-Getter Awards

Mariana Ajanel-Ramos
Xziramora Aguilar
Marco Pablo
Lucia Gonzalez
Shai Blasingame
Elisa Salcedo

Also pictured are Accelerated Reader Point Winners, Top Box Top Class, and Attendance Winner of the Month.

January Go-Getters
January AR
January AR
January Awards
January Awards

December 2017

Eli Amerin
Dariel Gonzalez-Valdez
Uriel Romero
Eyvi Morales-Guarcas
Vivian Perez
Jose Lopez

January 2018 Go-Getters

November 2017

Alisia Perez
Jimena Pinedo
Leah Armendarez
Mikaela Ramos
Anaid Us
Alison Ochoa

November Go-Getters

October 2017

Yazmin Ramos-Gabriel
Jonathan Lux-Muz
Moises Ha-Ordonez
Christopher Grijalva
Trentin Aranda
Marlendy Gabriel-Ramos

Also pictured are September Award winners for Accelerated Reader point winners.

October 2017

September 2017

Sophia Costilla
Abigayle Serna
Yahali Mungaray
Miguel Silva
Traitin Aranda
Yarislani Castrejon

September Go-Getters

February 2017

Edlyn Melgar
Leah Armendariz-Ochoa
Tha Ter Yu Htoo
Mason Michael
November Paw
Luis Garcia

February Go-Getter

January 2017

Uriel Romero
Keyla Pecina-Medivan
Sidney Gaines
Isamar Cerda
Idaly Rendon

January Go-Getters

December 2016

Christopher Grijala-Saquic
Hector Sanchez
Abigail Agustin
Emovoli Orosco
Naw Clay
Hannah Boles

December Go-Getter


December Go-Getters

November 2016

Marco Pablo-Lopez
Yahali Mungaray
Jordan Ani
Juana Tino 
Geovanny Tino
Vanessa Reynosa

November Go-Getters
 November Go-Getter

October 2016

Yoselin Mejia-Castro
Isaac Soto
Kaibree Blasingame
Juan Pantzay-Panjoj
Yarislani Castrejon-Mungaray
Trentin Aranda


October Go-Getters
October Go-Getters