Senior Questionnaire

1. What are you going to miss about volleyball?


Melissa- I'm going to miss the underclassmen the most, also the friendships that were created and not being able to play beside them anymore.


Jocelin- My varsity teammates, especially the seniors!


2. What position did you like to play?


Melissa- Libero


Jocelin- Left back and sometimes setter


3. What team did you enjoy the most playing against?


Melissa- Lawton


Jocelin- Duncan at noo6 tournament


4. What year would you say was your favorite volleyball season in high school?


Melissa- 2014-2015.


Jocelin- My Junior year was my favorite overall.


5. Any advice you want to give for next year's volleyball players?


Melissa- Become as close to your teammates as possible because for those few months, your team is your family.


Jocelin- Try your hardest, never give up on yourself or teammates and play with all your heart.