Track Roster 2015

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen

Brandon Alvarez 


Derek Portillo


Kennedy Melton


Angel Vega


Dakota Johnson


Ismail Williams


Jorge Montes


Anthony Luna

Bianca Soto


Matthew Gallegos


Baily Homan


Carter Nash



Haley Chapman


Alex Amador


Camryn Conner


Jose Ayala


Karlee Cotter


Javier Jarmillo

Poloma Estrada


Victor Legarda


Veronica Duran


Austin Lozano


Keiry Fernadez


Kevin Lozano


Alicia Gonzalez


Frank Moreno

Javon Ochoa


Saile Molina


Anthony Pena


Blanca Morales


Dylan Portillo


Kendy Salinas


Dominic Williams

Joseph Soto


Alexis Bishop


Christian Mejia


Paiton Bowers 


Jose Lopez


Avery Curtis


Korby Jenkins


Shayla Eastland


Izek Chaparro


Annalisa Gonzales


Gabby Ramos


Grace Robison


Adriana Romero 


Sydney Taylor


Macey Hawthorne






Tips for Racers

1) For morning races, always eat something on race day. Some toast or a bagel with some peanut butter is an excellent race day breakfast. A POWERBAR is another good choice. Be sure to drink 8-10oz of water with breakfast 2-3 hours before race time.

2) Try to avoid soda or sugary drinks on days when you have races - they will NOT help your performance. Water works best. Even Gatorade should be diluted with water. Did you know that Gatorade isn't helpful unless the race is longer than 1 hour?

3) Runners have worries. Every runner on the starting line usually asks "does my ankle hurt?", "is my knee aching?" or "am I getting a cold?" Don't worry - when you out-sprint another runner to the finish, somehow, that all seems to go away.
Even when you don't feel your best, you must still give your best!

4) Before your races try to relax (relax??). Yes, Relax. Repeat to your self, "I'm strong, I'm fast, I'm well trained" - repeat this in your head again and again. Pretty soon you'll start to feel better. If that doesn't work, scream real loud and start to wave your arms. You won't run any faster, but you'll definitely feel better.

5) The 1st half of a race, most run poorly. Some go out too fast, some too slow, and some are skilled enough to get it just right. Understand - the success of your race isn't determined by how you start, but how you finish. It's the 2nd half that counts. The track season is a race itself, so finish strong.

6) After your performance, assess what you did well. Under-achieving athletes ALWAYS focus on what they did wrong. High achieving athletes often focus on what went right and can't wait to repeat it. Even in a less than optimal performance, always find what you did correct, and focus on that!

7) If you choose to focus on what went wrong, here is what you can do: Make 2 lists, the 1st list is of the things that you can control, while the 2nd list is of the things you can't control. Throw the 2nd list out. Now take a look at what you're left with. That's where your work lies!