2015-2016 Dance Team Members
Dayana Barajas

  Alexis Bishop

  Alondra Cerda

  Maribel Esquivel

  Sarah Fowler

  Jenifer Fraire

  Kimmy Giuria

  Tea Gooding

  Krystal Jurado

  Camry Kane

  Sofia Matquez

  Jazmine McMasters

  Esmeralda Mercado

  Rayza Pacheco

  Leslie Salcedo

Congratulations 2015-2016 Dance Team!!!!!

Senior Questionnaire

1. How long have you participated in dance?


Jayden Spry- Since I was four. I started with ballet.


Brooklyn Edwards- Only since Freshman year when I joined Dance Team, but now I am active in the Guymon Dance studio as a dance teacher. 


Laci Ralstin- 16 years. It's all I've ever really done.



2. How long have you been a part of GHS dance team?


Jayden- Since Freshman year.


Brooklyn- I joined at the end of my Freshman year, so I'm a three year Senior.


Laci- I am a four year Senior, so since Freshman year.



3. What is your favorite memory from your GHS Dance Team career?


Jayen- Probably dance camp at OU my Sophomore year, being able to go and learn and compete with other teams.


Brooklyn- Mine would be dance camp at Garden City last summer. We had a great time and learned a lot about each other.


Laci- My favorite part has been choreographing some of the dances.

Dance Quote

2014-2015 GHS Dance Team Roster

2014-2015 Roster


Jerianna Gardner

Radleigh Wilson

Laci Ralstin

Arianna Montelongo

Jayden Spry

Brooklyn Edwards 



Leslie Salcedo

Esmeralda Mercado

Kimberly Guera

Dayanna Barajas



Sarah Fowler

Jayda Gann

Saile Molina

Rayza Pacheco