Color Guard

Try Outs

Check out the color guard tips and flag positions in the Links section to enhance your try out performance!

State Band Contest Results (OU)

The Guymon High School Band recieved a 2, 2, 3 at state contest on April 15, 2015.  In sight reading, the band recieved a 3, 3, 3.  Guymon band has improved immensely since the first 5A competition.  Great job!!

Senior Questionnaire!

1. What is your favorite thing about color guard?

Anahi- My favorite thing is the performing. It gives you some sort of rush to be doing on these tosses and flips and everyone is watching and just seeing the amazing look on their faces.

2. What will you miss the most about color guard?

Anahi-  I am going to miss being together with all the girls, during practices and performances, just messing around and being together.

3. What is the funniest moment from this year?

Anahi-  Anytime someone drops their flag or does not make it to their spot on time because it feels like you're running three miles...and especially when someone gets hit with a flag.


Color Guard seniors are Lizeth Gutierrez, Sunaed Ramirez, and Anahi Gutierrez!

Regional Marching Competiton

Guymon band received a 3 overall at regional marching competiton in Yukon, OK! They marched their best and gave it their all. They have marched their best show out of the last few years. Good job band and

Color Guard